Egg Cup 3 is an egg cup designed from the parameter, it must be beautiful!
I find a product beautiful when it has a harmonic shape and a high-quality of material and craftsmanship. I like a product with bright colours, and I find it even more beautiful when there is a contrast in the design.
With this egg cup I have tried to create a form that is far from the traditional forms in egg cups. I want to give the egg cup edge literally! My egg cup I call EC3 - Egg Cup 3, because it was the third sketch that led to the final result. It's not just a holder for an egg, it's a small plate, food board if you want, where there is room for salt, spoon, shell and eggs!
EC3 is made of walnut, because I like the warm brown colour against the white egg. The colours on the side is to provide the egg cup with a fresh and graphic touch, while highlighting the streamline lines of the design.
ec31 ec32 ec33